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Hi, this is Elliot, and thank you for visiting this page. If you’re reading this then the chances are that you’ve either been approached directly by myself, or you’ve seen one of my comments on the site or on social media about collaborative work.

I am currently working hard to establish the people section of and in order to do this I am seeking to feature other people’s stories. Whether you have a blog, business, event, or a life experience that is in some way related to what this website is all about, then I would love to help promote it by sharing your story and inspiring my readers.

Together we can make a difference and help others to take action in their own lives.

As a new visitor to the site, you may be wondering whether or not this is for you. Please do take a look at the existing interviews to get an idea of what we could do together, and I am also open to new ideas, new formats, and new ways in which to bring your feature to life. You may also be wondering what I’m like to work with and whether or not I am right for you. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to compile a number of testimonials from previous people that I’ve worked with.


“I was absolutely delighted when Elliot wrote me a lovely email asking whether I would like to do a feature for His interview style was so genuine and refreshing, I always looked forward to seeing his email in my inbox. When the article was finally finished, I was so impressed with how well written and captivating it was. Elliot is a very talented writer, a delight to work with, and a genuine voice in the world of travel writing.” Emily of Luxury Backpack

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Elliot through I found his interview style, of asking me one e-mail question at a time, to be a very effective and manageable strategy. Quite often when I get asked to do an on-line interview, I am sent a big list of questions and then have to set aside a significant amount of time to answer them. Elliot’s style was far more manageable and resulted in a stronger interview because he had the chance to tweak his next question depending on my previous answer. Elliot was excellent to work with…he is extremely insightful, thoughtful, compassionate, professional and strategic. I highly recommend working with Elliot and am looking forward to partnering with in some capacity again!” Maryanne Pope

“It was a real pleasure working with Elliot. From his friendly demeanor, to the way that he provided helpful guidance on what he was looking for with his well-thought out questions, everything conveyed a sense of care, enthusiasm and passion for what he is doing with, and what we were writing about together. The interview itself was good fun, and prompted ideas that may not have come to me without his help. It is an experience that I would recommend!” Jonathan of Orkney to Bournemouth

“Working with Elliot was a real treat. His passion for life and his commitment to helping others was apparent as soon as we started speaking. The questions he asked me were both informed and intriguing, and they helped to crystalize the message surrounding Authentic Traveling. For anyone who is eager to share their message online or learn more about themselves, look no further than” Andrew of Authentic Traveling

“Elliot has really set the bar for online interviews and features. He listens to what you have to say and tailors each question to suit, rather than throwing out the same old generic questions. Everything is done with co-operation and respect. Working with Elliot was a genuine pleasure I would like to repeat again.” Sean Davison

“Our first contact with Elliot was immediately positive and filled with good energy. We didn’t doubt for a second when he asked us for an interview and also now we are definitely very happy with the outcome and it had brought us a nice amount of fresh readers as well. We had quite a lot of feedback from people about and many people loved our interview. Again we would like to thank Elliot for his passion and professional approach! Thank you so much!” Yves and Cagla of Short Visitors

“Working with Elliot was such a joy. His communication throughout the process was excellent, and he put so much hard work into featuring Adventures and Kindness in the best way possible. I’m really thankful for all the exposure and the new readers that I gained!” Emily of Adventures and Kindness

“I am really happy that I got to connect with Elliot. His thought provoking questions allowed me to speak from the heart but also inspired me to re-evaluate where I stand on some of the important issues we discussed. The conversation felt natural, honest and fun! I look forward to collaborating with Elliot in the future.” Alyana of Lover Paper Pen

“I really enjoyed being interviewed for Lossul, I was asked unique questions and it was really refreshing to talk about different aspects of my life and my music. I felt a real enthusiasm for hearing my answers and a mutual excitement to release my finished interview on the blog.” Charlotte Campbell

“Elliot really made me think with his questions, and it was always fun to answer him; I got to explore my past and share so many different things in such a neat way. It took a while to get this out with life and travels coming in the way, but it was well worth it!” Tia Tuovinen


If you have any questions whatsoever or any thoughts or ideas for a feature that you’d like to explore, then please do feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Thank you for reading.



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