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“Is your relationship empowering or restraining you?”


Have you ever found yourself in a relationship where at some point in time you ended up looking back, reflecting, and asking yourself…

How the hell did I get here?

At one time you felt you were on your path, but then things changed, bit-by-bit, and before you know it you were just no longer the person you used to be. Is it for the better, or is it for the worse? Is the relationship empowering you, or is it restraining you?

I am really proud to be able to share this latest feature with you, because this latest feature comes in the form of a contribution/guest post that I submitted to the website Love Paper Pen. The author of this website, Alyana, is spreading the message of peace, love, and positivity, and so it’s a real honour that the story I submitted was the very first contribution that Alyana has published on the site.

Please do check it out by clicking on the link below.

Love Paper Pen – Is your relationship empowering or restraining you?

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